Artists Collectibles Sad Boy Doll

Artists Collectibles Sad Boy Doll

This is not an American Character doll. It is a modern doll that used the Chuckles body style, which is a very uniqe body.

The body is just like the American Character Chuckles doll from the 1960's: same shape and size. The reproduction doll is made of very lovely, smooth and heavy vinyl. The head mold is not American Character. The neck is marked ARTISTS COLLECTIBLES and the neck is numbered behind his ear. Our Sad little boy is 20 inches tall.

This is a very SAD, sad little boy. I don't know what's gone wrong but he needs his Mommy, for sure… His hair is a wig. Clothing is good quality with nice details. I don't know who made this doll or when, but he is impressive and very sweet.