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Talking Kewpie Giggles 08

Talking Kewpie Giggles 08

Jesco made babydolls, fashion dolls, dolls of the world, and syndicated dolls of many kinds. They also made bendable action figure dolls (similar to the Gumby dolls) using syndicated characters such as Bozo the Clown, the Simpsons, Bullwinkle etc.

Jesco is known for their Kewpie and Scootles reproduction dolls, which were popular for nearly 20 years during the 1980's and even after 2000.

During the 1990's Jesco made bisque Kewpie dolls that were especially charming; they were like the old bisque piano babies of the early 1900's.

Jesco marketed the Kewpies under the Cameo brand name. Charisma Brands purchased the Cameo brand in 2005.