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Eegee Debutante

Eegee Debutante

1950's Eegee Debutante - Standard Doll - Original Dress and Shoes!
This is a 14 inch doll that is unmarked, but is very similar to the Eegee Debutante doll. She has a one piece body that is somewhat flexible. Arms and legs are not jointed. The head can turn side to side. Her eyes are bright and pretty, she has full lashes and good original face paint.

Earrings, shoes and dress all seem to be original. I did add some ribbon to the dress. Her panties are replaced. It's the first time I've ever seen shoes on this kind of doll; that in itself is amazing!

I don't think this doll was played with at all. The short hairstyle is probably original too: doesn't look as if it's been cut. There is no bald spot on the back of the head: it is glare from the camera flash bouncing off her shiny hair.

The doll is unmarked, so it's impossible to say who made her. Eegee offered a similar doll. So did other companies. Sometimes dolls were unmarked if they were offered through a department store such as Wards, Daytons or Macy's.