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Antique China Head Doll 03

Antique China Head Doll 03

Antique 14" China Head DOLL Leather Body 1907 Brocade Gown

This is a very lovely example of an old China Head doll from the early 1800's. She has a China Head and a jointed leather body with cloth feet and bisque hands. She is just a tad more than 14 inches tall.

I think her bloomers and half slip may be original but the dress most likely was made later. The dress is vintage in it's own right. The fabric is two-tone burgundy & black taffeta brocade with a floral design. (I would love to find fabric like this!) The dress has antique lace around the neckline. I gave her a string of beads to wear. The undergarments (bloomers and half slip) are very lightweight cotton and they have turned sort of tan with age. I decided it was best not to wash them. They don't have holes or rips.

The leather body is marked on the back: 1907 Mrs. Boone. I assume that means she was made in 1907 and represents the wife of Daniel Boone?? But I don't know if the information is accurate. Perhaps somebody who thought they knew something wrote it.

The leather body seems to be in good condition. The arms are somewhat dry and brittle but they are intact. One hand doesn't match the other so one of them might be a replacement, but it's a pretty good match. One hand has broken fingers. See photo closeups for images of the hands.

The head does have some rubs that are mostly covered or touched up but you can see if you look close. I think the head looks great, no cracks or chips and the face has very pretty color.