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1981 Jelly Jeans Family

1981 Jelly Jeans Family

Jelly Jeans Family - Red Set with Adorable Stroller.

This play set is cute, but the really special thing is the tiny stroller which is 7 inches tall and is made for a 6 inch doll. The other dolls are 7.5 inches and 9.5 inches tall. Made by Uneeda, Style number is 71035 and was made in MXMLXXXI which I believe is 1981. The set was sold at MEMCO for $4.99 at that time.

Uneeda made a lot of playsets that were inexpensive and yet very attractive and creative. It would be fun to collect these playsets because there was a lot of variety and they each had a very cute theme.

Uneeda also made the Jelly Jeans dolls in many different sizes and styles, small to large. They are still making Jelly Jeans dolls today.

There is a silly poem on the back of the box. Are you ready for this? :)

A warning to those who love sweets
Uneeda presents a brand new treat
It doesn't stick between your teeth
Or add unwanted cavities
There are six assorted flavors
Just pick your favorite color
For once you buy one Jelly Jean Family
It's sure to lead to Another!

This set measures 12 x 12 x 4.