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Bumpkins Tillie Doll

Bumpkins Tillie Doll

Bumpkins Family! Huge TILLIE doll is a big friendly Cuddler! By Uneeda.

This huge Tillie doll still has her large original heart-tag. She was made in 1983 and she's Tillie, a member of the Bumpkins Family series of dolls. (I don't know how many were in the family.)

Tillie is 25-26 inches long. She has rooted yellow yarn hair, braided on each side with original ribbons. Her outfit is original. The bonnet is removable. The elastic is loose on the bloomers but they don't fall off.

She's an old vintage doll that I don't think was played with much if any, but she's not pristine either and may need some light cleaning. She has a vinyl head and vinyl heads: the rest is all cloth body with stuffings.

This was a popular doll at the time. And this particular Tillie is in especially good condition, because most of them were played-with and are usually worse for wear.