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Italocremona Souvenir Doll

Italocremona Souvenir Doll

European Souvenir Doll - Gorgeous mohair wig, lovely face - 14" tall.

This unusual doll has a distinctively Scandinavian look to her, with almost-white golden mohair wig styled in a long braid down her back. She wears a white blouse and red peasant skirt decorated with braid and ribbons. I wonder if she might have had an apron at some time? An apron with decorative braid would look good on her.

Her shoes/socks are replaced. The doll is made of vinyl/plastic type material. She seems to be strung together at all the joints, and the elastic is still good and snug. I don't know her age, and she is unmarked. She is 13.5 inches tall.

This doll is very well made, with quality materials. She has a lovely face in the European style, with slightly slanted eyes and full lips. The face paint is very nice: I especially like the unusual way that the eyebrows are painted.

From the materials used, I suspect she is a 1960's doll, made in Europe. Possibly a Furga, Famosa or Italocremona doll. She might have been a souvenir doll; from Scandinavia, Austria, France, Switzerland or other country with a similar ethnic costume.