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OK Kader Babydoll 02

OK Kader Babydoll 02

OK Kader 11" Babydoll 1960s. I can't find much info on the Kader doll company. The dolls are clearly marked with an OK symbol on their back, along with a part number. This doll is numbered B3512 1/4

This Kader doll has a hard plastic head with pretty blue sleep eyes and two tiny teeth in her mouth. The body is made of soft-ish plastic and is jointed at shoulders, hips and WRISTS. The hands can turn.

The doll is clean and in good condition. Only damage that I can see is a little bit of plastic melt on the forehead where the molded hair curl is. I don't know how plastic melt occurs but we see it from time to time on the vintage plastics. Maybe if the doll is stored in an attic for awhile?

The OK Kader dolls were sold in many countries. Some of them were a little ungainly, but this compact little darling is well proportioned and very sweet. The clothing is not original, but it is vintage.

I'm guessing she was made in the 1960's because of the materials that were used. This type of soft plastic was made after 1962.