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Bratz Babyz Jade

Bratz Babyz Jade

BRATZ BABYZ - Asian Babyz Jade

Big Babyz Jade! These large Bratz are very stylized baby dolls, and they are part of the Bratz family, manufactured by MGA Entertainment. They were introduced in 2004. Jade is the asian doll in the series. She comes with her original clothing: shorts, tshirt and black boots.

The Bratz Babyz were fashion divas. Jade even has nail polish on her chubby little tootsies. The photo shows Jade with her ponytails inserted: the ponytails plug into Jade's head, or they can be removed.

This asian was part of the original first production of Bratz Babyz dolls. They are all vinyl, approximately 14-15" tall, jointed at neck, shoulders and hips.