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Italocremona Mystery Doll

Italocremona Mystery Doll

MYSTERY DOLL: European French Famosa Furga Fashion Doll. There are NO markings on this doll so she is a mystery doll for sure. Because of the vinyl and plastic materials used, I'm guessing she is European. Might be Furga or Famosa that made her. My BEST guess is that this is an ITALOCREMONA doll from the 1960's, because she does resemble some other 1960's Italocremona dolls that I've had in the past.

This is an especially nice large doll at 17 inches tall, and she could wear many of the fashions for Magic Attic Club and other modern dolls. The outfit she's wearing was for a modern Diana Euro Doll. Her body, arms and legs are made of quality plastic, and her hands and head are soft vinyl. The hands can twist at the wrist. Doll is also jointed at neck, shoulders and hips. Arms are strung jointed, so you can pose her arms in many positions. She has real saran hair that is in lovely condition: this means she might be as old as the 1960's. Her big blue eyes are sparkly and have full lashes. Saran hair still has original curls. Hair ribbon may be original.

She has a large crier inserted in her back that works, although I don't think she's exactly the type of doll that needs a babydoll crier… but she has one. She has a silver screw for a belly button: that is another mystery.